Cutting Edge Linux is currently undergoing infrastructure upgrades.
It is expanding beyond what a standard blog can do to include many useful services.

"The Pastebin"

I just created a paste service with a URL shortener.

"The Old Blog"

I have migrated the old blog here.
I do not guarantee or ensure all previous content and links will operate correctly at this time due to the modification of hyperlink references with migrating the site.

I see the old blog as a failure, I could have done better but worked within the limitations confined with what I could afford at the time. Yes, It did what I needed at the time and it has a lot of good information held within the blog. Due to the nature of a blog it was not the ideal method of content delivery. The blog is eventually going to be changed completely once the information within it is migrated to a more appropriate layout. The blog will be my development progress in whatever I am doing.

"What the changes mean for"

With this overhaul I wish to transmute from simply being a blog into being more of a community working on a common goal. I wish to have a place to empower new users to learn about their Linux computers. I also have started work on my own Funtoo based Linux distribution, It is no where near completion and I am still working on getting appropriate hardware together to be able to fully push forward at this, which I will have soon. I am sure that this goal will only be possible with the help of others.

I believe that all skills are important, It is not only the programmer behind the scenes of everything. It is the graphics artists, The photographers, The writers and the people who just are not happy until everything looks or functions just right. A community needs a lot of diversity to function well.

I think my initial vision for the site was a little too extreme and not executable. I will be producing protions that are a small section of the site.

"Ads are gone, Other ways of income planned."

Ads are gone from the site. Instead I am planning on having a store on the site where users can purchase optional content that will ensure they have access to the information they need offline as well as online.

"What do I mean by services?"

Some useful things like a Wiki, Pastebin, URL shortener. I will add more things if they make sense to add them. A bug tracker would make sense. I may have a space for people to share ideas in unique ways.

I already have a few of these services up already, They are working in a very basic form and require me going through some settings.